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Meet Our Skincare Experts

You may wonder why our skincare experts wear a white lab coat? Well, it’s all down to our brand heritage. Kiehl’s started out as an apothecary way back in 1851, and then became Kiehl’s Pharmacy, before eventually growing to become the brand you know, and love, today. Nature, science and service are at the heart of everything we do and our team want to share their expertise with you. Next time you’re in store, speak to one of our skincare experts, perhaps you may recognise a friendly-face from below.


Joined Kiehl’s: November 2014 (5 years)

My Skin Type: Normal-Oily & Dehydrated.

Favourite Product: Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate
“I cannot live without this formula and see such a difference when I run out - it’s such a multi tasker! All skin types will benefit from the 12.5% Vitamin C and the Hyaluronic Acid! I love it for targeting my concerns around texture, clarity and age-prevention, to ensure I maintain healthy skin as best I can!”

Skincare Tip: “If my skins feeling extra dehydrated, I pop my Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydrating Mask in the fridge for 10 mins to make it extra cooling and refreshing!” Lockdown Activity: “I’ve been taking this time to start some at-home DIY projects, bake (which has become a new hobby!) and spend time with my family, including garden picnics, movie nights and cooking together!”

How do you spend your free time?: “I like to work at-home DIY projects, bake (which has become a new hobby!) and spend time with my family, including garden picnics, movie nights and cooking together!”


Joined Kiehl’s: August 2006 (13 years)

My Skin Type: Combination & Dehydrated

Favourite Product: Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion
“I love the way my skin feels after using this - it’s so smooth! Not only do fine lines and pores appear reduced, but it’s also the perfect way to prep my skin for the rest of my skincare routine.”

Skincare Tip: “Being dehydrated, I find applying my serum whilst my skin is still damp from my Ultra Facial Toner makes it penetrate and absorb into the skin a lot easier, therefore locking in the hydration and prepping my skin for moisturiser.”

How do you spend your free time?: “I take time out for long walks in the park to feed the newly born ducklings and finally got around to binge watching most of theAmerican Horror Story series!”


Joined Kiehl’s: July 2017 (3 years)

My Skin Type: Combination–Oily & Dehydrated.

Favourite Product: Ultra Facial Cream
“The amount of Water, Glycerin and Squalane Oil in this formula perfectly balance out what my skin naturally lacks. The texture is incredible too - the almost gel-like feel when applying and the all-day hydrated feeling you get from this formula is like none other!”

Skincare Tip: “I have 2 for oil-skin types! If your skin is Oily, often it’s telling you it’s lacking in water – give your skin a drink! And don’t be tempted to over exfoliate oily skin, sometimes it can make things worse!”

How do you spend your free time?: “I make the most of being outside by exploring my local nature area on my bike! I’ve also started learning how to code so I can make my own video games – (that’s a lie but I want to!)”


Joined Kiehl’s: March 2019 (1 year)

My Skin Type: Combination & Sensitive

Favourite Product: Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment
“I’ve been using this formula since it came out and I love how it has helped to improve the overall appearance and texture of my skin! The texture of the essence is amazing - not too thick not too light, just perfect!”

Skincare Tip: “Use SPF - Every. Single. Day! “

How do you spend your free time?: “I enjoy socialising with my friends, working through all of the books I had on my bucket list! I also love taking extra good care of my skin at the moment by treating myself to a mask a couple of times a week!”


Joined Kiehl’s: August 2016 (3 years)

My Skin Type: Dry & Sensitive

Favourite Product: Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum
“I am in love with the newest addition to our serum collection! The 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid and Adaptogenic Herbal Complex work together to deeply hydrate, whilst also neutralizing the effects of skin-aging stressors – the best combination for my dry, sensitive skin!”

Skincare Tip: “A few minutes of facial massage every day goes a long way! I love pairing facial massage techniques with my favourite Kiehl’s facial oil concentrate either in the evening for a little skincare TLC, or in the morning for a skin brightening boost!”

Lockdown Activity: “I’ve gone into full gardener mode these past few weeks… I’ve planted wild daisies, sunflowers and even de-weeded! I also treat myself to a weekly coffee and cinnamon brioche from my local coffee shop that has been open for takeaways – the highlight of my week!”

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