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Day Cream vs Night Cream: What’s the Difference?


Let’s start with some definitions, happily as the names suggest, day creams are for the daytime, while night creams are created to be applied overnight. While a day cream and a night cream might look and feel very similar, the different formulas and active ingredients mean they will behave differently on the skin and provide various benefits that suit the skin’s needs at different times during a 24-hour period. 


Why use a day cream and a night cream? 

Day creams tend to be formulated to protect skin from environmental factors, such as the elements and pollution. In contrast, night creams are likely to be focused on night-time skin repair, as skin naturally works throughout the night to repair any skin damage done during the day. If you’re in a pinch most moisturisers can be used day or night to prevent dry, uncomfortable skin, but to really benefit from the formula use them at the right times. 

Day Cream  

During the day, choose a lightweight day cream that absorbs quickly and easily to provide long lasting hydration. Our Ultra Facial Cream is a good choice, as the non-greasy formula works for all skin types, helps to balance hydration levels for up to 24-hours and makes a smooth base for makeup application. We also recommend Clearly Corrective Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment a quickly absorbed moisturiser with exfoliating glycolic acid that works to provide continuous 24-hour hydration while visibly diminishing dark spots and skin discolouration. Created to help boost skin brightness, this light moisturising cream contains Activated C – a stabilized form of Vitamin C that specifically addresses uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. If premature ageing is a concern, then reach for our Super Multi-Corrective Cream SPF 30, which contains sodium hyaluronate, the salt form of hyaluronic acid and offers protection from sun damage, while helping to firm and smooth the appearance of skin. 

Night Cream 

Richer and heavier than day cream, night cream may take longer to be absorbed by the skin, but as it’s not followed by makeup application, skin can stay shiny as it absorbs. In fact, going to sleep with the richly moisturised, glossy skin, affectionately known as glazed donut skin, leads to a deeply hydrated complexion when you wake up, ideal for those with dry skin. Our Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream is a rich cream, infused with omega 3 & 6, fatty acids and a blend of rejuvenating botanicals. It enhances beauty sleep and helps mature skin to appear plumper and more youthful looking by morning. If you prefer an oil texture, our Midnight Recovery Concentrate replenishes skin at night when it is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors.


Can I use my day cream at night? 

There’s no hard and fast rule that means you can’t apply your day cream at night. Many moisturisers, such as our Ultra Facial Cream are multitaskers that are ideal for day and night use. However, some day creams contain SPF like our Super Multi-Corrective Cream SPF 30, which offers useful daytime sun protection that isn’t necessary during night time. Our Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream is formulated to help overnight skin repair and is infused with omega 3 & 6, fatty acids and a blend of rejuvenating botanicals.

Are day and night cream the same as moisturiser?  

In a word, yes. Both day cream and night cream are types of moisturisers. Day cream is formulated to protect the skin during the day, while night cream aids in overnight skin repair. 

Which type of cream is best for daily use?  

A daily moisturiser, such as our global bestseller, the lightweight Ultra Facial Cream can be used every morning and every evening. It is an ideal multi-tasker for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 


 When should I start using day and night cream? 

Building a skin routine that includes day and night cream will improve skin, no matter what your age, as long as you are an adult of course. For help creating a routine that is right for your skin type and lifestyle book a consultation with one of our skin experts, either in store or online. 


Can I use day cream every day?  

Yes, day cream such as our Ultra Facial Cream is designed to be used daily to provide hydration and protect the skin barrier. 

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